Monday, February 9, 2009

im busy....

need to do this week....

1. submit grup work for psikologi (2)
2. same to kim smbr alam
3. go to spps get some idea for my psmp
4. got meeting with pegawai2 from UMS and others IPT

1. still in mood of doing a PSMP
2. get some information for my psikologi assgmnt (2)
3. doing teknologi and pusat sumber asgmnt

1. got tutorial (need to finish the tutorial given by madam christina)
2. yuppp my PSMP in progress....maybe go to lbry for seach a related journal to my PSMP
3. submit my asgmnt psikologi (love this sbjct make me a very dedikasi students)
4. submit my teknologi and pusat smbr asgmnt

1. presentation of Kim smbr alam
2. submit tutorial 1 for kimia organik 2

seem this week im so busy...not really have a good rest...
oso im so tired to handle the prgrm many commitment
got many tension

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