Saturday, November 8, 2008

my recent playlists

david archuleta - crush
mariah carey - i stay in love
jason mraz - lucky + the dynamo of vilition + make it mine
pussycat dolls - i hate this part right here
remioromen - 3th march, konayuki, rhythm
jennifer hudson - if this isnt love
utada hikaru - the prisioner of love + boku wa kuma
faizal tahir - sempurna
ashlee simpson - Ragdoll
natasha bedingfiled - angel
K - Only human
Hangry and angry - kill me kiss me
Blake Lewis - break anotha

looking for others song.....

n recently im trying to download a malay songs....
mostly all the song based on hotfm+xfreshfm charts song....
my bad mostly all the song seem im never listened b4....

awan mood=boring+studying+warbooking

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